Work Statements

We Are All in This Together

While living in Manhattan for two years, I observed people sharing the busiest public spaces in New York City: the subway trains. From an ethnology point of view, I compared and analyzed the characteristics of different individuals and the relationships between them.

The pictures for We Are All in This Together were taken without the subjects’ knowledge, in order to achieve the desired spontaneity. I used the camera on my mobile phone to blend more seamlessly into the environment. I focused on the lower part of the bodies, to direct viewers’ attention to body language and other physical details, revealing a glimpse of each subject's personality. 

Manhattan is a city in which one constantly navigates the thin line that divides what is public and what is private. Observing the private moments of individuals in the shared public space of the subway led me to appreciate how challenging and complex it can be for members of a diverse population to marry their private and public persona.



Who is supposed to raise whom in a parent and child relationship? Before becoming a mother, I was confident that I would be fully in charge of instructing my children about life. 

I have two daughters, each who has struggled with food allergies, and one who had to overcome learning issues.  While confronting my fear of feeding my children with food that could make them sick, and dealing with my older daughter’s reading and writing challenges, I learned from them as I worked through my failures. 

It was a lonely journey focused on trying to adapt and adjust my expectations on parenting. I realized I had to revisit my troubles to be able to help and support them. I let myself feel the frustration with my reading and writing issues and accept the fact that I too have a food-related health condition (celiac disease). Rather than running away from my hidden feelings or letting them repeat endlessly, I worked through them.

I began working on the Raise series in 2014 after my family and I moved from Brazil to New York. The photos are a mix of staged set-ups and spontaneously captured moments of my daughters and me. It’s a voluntary and collaborative work, in which the characters end up creating a particular reality for themselves.

Raise is a work-in-progress, as I continually seek to better understand myself and increase my awareness of how I interact to challenges related to my experiences as a mother



My fascination in architecture and nature is to investigate shapes and forms revealed in how space is created, and occupied by human beings. In the interface between my gaze and the different matter in which space is captured by my camera, I deconstruct usual and habitual ways of seeing and understanding the world in order to reveal an unexpected perspective. In my eyes, the ordinary reveals itself in its amazing and captivating distinctiveness. I enjoy finding majesty and splendor in familiar and plain forms that surround us.